Cookies Policy on Joker LTD website


The purpose of this cookies policy is to inform visitors of the website (hereinafter referred to as “Clients”) of the use of cookies, their types and their shelf life.

The personal data processing manager is Joker LTD, reg. No. 40003266078, legal address 12 Katrīnas Street, Riga.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the web user’s computer, tablet, or smartphone by a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)  By using cookies, websites can also save the web user’s individual settings.

Cookies usually contain information about the website name, how long they are stored on the device, and the unique number. Cookies can be considered as a way for a website to obtain information that allows it to recognise the user and respond appropriately. The user may disable or restrict the use of cookies, but without cookies it may not be possible to fully use all features of the sites.


What purposes does Joker use cookies for?


The cookies used by Joker allow one to authenticate the user and to process statistics on the use of the Joker website and visits to specific pages. Activated cookies allows one to recognise the client’s browser and provide certain additional features.

Joker uses cookies to:

  • create / maintain a client’s session on the Joker website;
  • provide statistics on website visits;
  • remember the client’s preferences, such as preferred language;
  • remember whether or not the customer has consented to the use of cookies on this website;
  • compile website usage information that allows one to analyse how well the website responds to the customer’s needs and to make any necessary improvements.


The website uses the following cookies:


_utma      Provides anonymous statistical data by identifying unique website visitors. Cookies are stored for 2 (two) years.


_utmb     Provides anonymous statistical data by identifying new website visitors and website sessions. Cookies are stored for 30 (thirty) minutes.


_utmc     Provides anonymous statistical data by identifying the end of a session on the website. Cookies are stored until the end of the session when the website is closed.


_utmz     Provides anonymous statistical data by identifying the sources of website traffic. Cookies are stored for 6 (six) months.


_utmt      Provides anonymous statistical data by identifying log-in requests. Cookies are stored for 10 (ten) minutes.


How can you manage cookies?


If the customer wishes to restrict or block the use of cookies on the Joker website, the customer may do so by making appropriate changes to their browser settings. Please remember that if you choose to delete or block certain cookies, the functionality and convenience of the Joker website may be limited, including the ability to refuse cookies, as this feature also requires that a cookie is placed on your device.

For information on how to restrict or block cookies in certain browsers, please visit the respective browser websites (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). For more information about cookies, their types and use, visit


Personal data protection


For detailed information on data processing controllers, aims and your rights regarding personal data processing, read the section Data protection.


Contact information


Joker LTD contact information with regard to the processing of personal data related issues: